Hi, I’m Dobroslav
and I write code

I’m a Full-Stack Engineer, who has main focus on the JavaScript Ecosystem. I make simple & complex apps in React and Node.js.

02 • My Journey

My journey from the first day of learning programming
Currently looking for a new job opportunity and some great challenges.
Own project - An application that makes it easy to record events in applications using a simple REST API.
06/2022 - Now
Own project - primarily an analytical tool for Twitter users. Also offers additional features such as easier interaction with other users, content scheduling, CRM system or AI tools using OpenAI. The project seeks to leverage the full potential of the Twitter API to provide users with a better experience when using Twitter.

I'm documenting the progress on my Twitter page, where I also share additional content on programming and app development: https://twitter.com/dobroslav_dev
04/2022 - Now
Resource Platform
Own Project - a platform for collecting and sharing useful resources among developers, designers and creators of custom products.
12/2021 - 03/2022
ICZ a.s.
At ICZ, I was a member of a small frontend team made up of Angular devs. I became involved in an ongoing corporate project that attempted to replace and rework the original application from the old code to a new version of Angular.

I was primarily responsible for styling and rewriting the CSS in the application, where I was developing a new design system. I also participated in rigorous code reviews and frequently spoke with the UI/UX team, analysts, and backend engineers about new features that needed to be developed.
01/2021 - 11/2021
CertiCon a.s.
At CertiCon, I was the lead front-end developer for a big internal employee project that was developed from the ground up in Angular. I was responsible for building the project architecture with the team, as well as collaborating with UI/UX, analytics, and backend engineers to create the complete application.

I was also responsible for establishing the path for future product development. It also provided Angular training for one developer.

Following that, I worked on other automobile projects in Angular.
05/2020 - 12/2020
Monet+ a.s.
At Monet+, I was the lead front-end developer. I was in charge of creating the majority of the Angular front-end applications. In addition, I was charged with updating multiple apps from an older version of Angular to a newer version of the technology and merging all of the applications into one single administrative application.

I also managed the development of new features. The majority of the projects were greenfield projects.
02/2019 - 04/2020
Start of my journey
I started my journey as a web developer in 2016. My plan was to start learning HTML and CSS, then continue learning JavaScript and make first websites.

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